Thoughts to Remember

projects to help you remember things you don't want to forget.

Are you a crafter wanting to create or an artist wanting a warm up or relaxing project or just an everyday person with a desire to create and remember...Let's make some projects to help us remember things we often forget. Like how amazing you are or how grateful or that it is time to be brave or pray first. Join me (Jeanie) to create an 8x10 canvas panel with wire hanger, a wood block with words on all sides and a bonus project.

Your Instructor

Jeanie Dickinson
Jeanie Dickinson

I am from Cheyenne Wyoming but have lived many places. I have been married to David for 38 years we have 4 children and 11 grand children. Life has brought many ups and downs and surprises. I am an artist and art journal maker and i have taught lots of crafts along the way. Through everything life has thrown my way the thing I KNOW is art soothes the soul and God heals the heart.

some things we will learn fun basic collage, painting, texture and adding words with vinyl, stencil, tracing and collaging. No matter if you are an artist or crafter come create fun ways to remember saying, words we don't want to forgot for inspiration and gifts.

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